Become a certified and competent Regulatory Affairs Professional

Expand your career opportunities in a growing industry

Professional Regulatory Affairs Certificate Course’ is the first of its kind in the Gulf Region. The objective of the course is to develop competent, confident and consummate Regulatory Affairs (RA) professionals and also enable them continue their learning and development. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from regulatory affairs experts in the region and gain a competitive edge while applying for RA-related positions in the public or private sectors.

The Certificate is a significant advantage in view of the growing demand for RA professionals among pharmaceutical companies and consultancies, manufacturers of medical devices, veterinary products and cosmetics, and regulators.

Course modules are so designed and structured to give attendees an overview of the industry and also to help them acquire expertise in best compliance practices and related documentation. By the end of the program, participants will have a better understanding of the important regulatory concepts, and RA documentation and processes.

Once you complete the course you will have a clear understanding of the history and evolution of the RA profession and their expected role as RA professionals in the region. You will also learn about the stages and processes as well as the players involved in the life cycle of a product.

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What our students say about us..

We’ve learned a lot about the concept and the benefit of regulatory affairs in ensuring safety and quality for human and learned about the documents and the arrangement of the files and the data which is used in getting approval for submission of new drugs , terms and definitions which will help us more in practicing the regulatory affairs job , learnt more about different requirements for different countries .

– Maha Yosry

It was an amazing experience while doing the regulatory affairs course in PRA.

The course was rich in good information that will benefits me in the working field. The subject discussed was perfectly organized and done by a great professional team.

– Farah M.jamal Laham


I would like to take this opportunity yo thank you for all what you did and for your efforts to make such a great RA course in Dubai pharmacy college.

I decided to change my career and regulatory Affairs professional course helped me a lot to understand what is the Regulatory Affairs ,what is the guidelines for registering Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices in GCC countries ,CTD and eCTD.

I was able to pass the interview easily and start my first job in regulatory affairs career as RA specialist.
Thanks for all the respective lecturers that made the successful,understandable and useful.

It was a great experience which allowed me explore many fields in Regulatory and to have professional colleagues at the same time.

– Lobna Mohammed Ahmed

Regulatory Affairs and compliance Specialist MENA region At Sealed Air company

Many thanks for you and for Regulatory affairs team.
The course of Regulatory affairs that we did it last September, was very helpful. It changed my life!
It gave me a chance to make a training in a leader pharmaceutical company then getting a nice job.
We studied the important regulatory concepts that was very helpful to understand the regulatory affairs field.

– Areej Samir Alsheikh

Regulatory Affairs Manager in a pharmaceutical company in Dubai

Thank you for guiding me for the first right step towards my career change.

I really advise anyone wants to start working as regulatory affairs to join professional regulatory affairs course.

– Marwa Kandil

Regulatory Affairs Specialist MENA

The regulatory affairs course helped me mostly in two aspects, first it helped me land a training opportunity in the same company I am working in, second is the orientation, the scientific knowledge and the expressions used in the field that I gained from the course that made the training more easy for me as I already know what my colleagues are talking about, all I need was to develop the practical experience and the logical thinking to do the work and overcome the obstacles that we face mostly on daily basis.

Khaled Mohamed Elayashy

The PRA course has provided me with the framework and tools to build a regulatory affairs career in my workplace, it was well organized and implemented, experienced presenters with various backgrounds. Thank you so much, I am happy to have been a part of it. Please do keep in touch!

Rasha Ali, Regulatory Affairs Lead at AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals, Dubai

The course was really informative in terms of covering a wide aspects in regulatory affairs
Also we got the chance to meet many big names in RF who they provided us with there wide knowledge and experience
I also got friends from the course who are looking to improve their career and become stronger in this field.

Hadeel Odeh

The Professional Certificate Program in GCC Regulatory Affairs by the Professional Regulatory Affairs Agency and Dubai Pharmacy College has given me an extensive understanding of pharmaceutical drug regulatory affairs and helped me to gain the regulatory knowledge through their rigorous training modules. This course effectively integrates industrial experiences with academics in the pharmaceutical field. Thank you PRA and DPC!

Nirupama Dixit, B.E.(Hons) Biotechnology

The regulatory affairs course at PRA was an excellent experience and enabled me to advance on my career. The information and classes were so helpful. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to start a Regulatory Affairs career and I believe that they can benefit from the course as I did.

Mounia Zaida

The course was well designed to cover all the aspects of Regulatory Affairs and the lectures were taken by the best professionals in the Industry with huge amount of experience and expertise.

I would strongly recommend anyone to join this course who is willing to learn the Regulatory requirements in GCC in detail. More over the generous gesture to allow the earlier batches to attend the current lectures was really appreciable.

Muneer Valappil

The course was new for me about everything in this field but it need more improvements for the students like me who still new in this field to have an opportunity to get job in Regulatory affairs.


Dr. Dina Sultan

Regulatory Affairs course was a great experience and very helpful. It provided me a better understanding of how pharmaceutical products and medical devices are registered and placed in the market in GCC countries.

I want to thank all the lecturers whose expertise in RA field and the professional team.

Stephanie Kreit

There is much more you achieve while studying through PRA course, not just a certificate….., you gain knowledge, confidence, friends, Professional networking and for me the best of all is that I finally realized what I want to achieve in my career.

I highly recommend this course to anyone whether you have experience or not,,, this course is great and beneficial for everyone.

I would like to thank all the professors and everyone from PRA especially Dr. Mona Almousli , I cannot thank you all enough.!

Ghada Badreddin

It was a great experience that for sure will help me on my career in Regulatory affairs.

I have now a solid & comprehensive understanding of all regulatory concepts.

Amal Helmy

The course was useful and informative .I’m definitely going to recommend it to my friends.

Ghada Alfar

This course is a great head-start for anyone who would like to know what is Regulatory Affairs and how it is implemented in the GCC.

The variety and the density of all lectures were quite impressive and we also got a chance to network and make new friends!

Raghad Ahmed – Estee Lauder Middle East

As pharmacist working in a community pharmacy for 3 years , to begin regulatory affairs field was difficult, I didn’t know where to begin or even what place that could offer this course until I found pra ( professional regulatory affair) in Dubai pharmacy college . I started contacting Dr. Mona and she was helpful enough to guide me how to start and what benefits I will get from the course.

The course covered a lot of information, the structure was clear, logic and effective.

It has obviously put a lot of expertise into it, but it was not only about getting a new information but also interacting with other participants and sharing their experience with us.

Actually the course give the confidence to enter regulatory affairs field and develop it as well.

Marwa Khattab

I want to Thank you and all the members who’s working in PRA, it was a fruitful course full of added info to all participants… Looking forward to meet again.

Diala Khaled Jebreel

It was a beneficial course, I recommend it for all healthcare professionals who interested in regulatory affairs.

Dr. Ammar Jairoun – Dubai Municipality

Very informative with focus on GCC regulations. This course will be very helpful for people seeking careers in the Gulf Region.

Dr. Fatima Abdoul – Dubai Municipality

I want to thank you all for your efforts during the course, it was a useful, well organized and the choose of the lecturers are good.

Ethar Alsaeed