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About Us

We are a knowledge enriched platform under Professionals Regulatory Affairs (PRA) Consultancy, which is a global professional regulatory affairs company that offers ethical and efficient healthcare & pharma consulting services and solutions to local as well as international companies across healthcare sectors.

Our platform is designed by subject experts to face the real-world challenges. Our solutions target the following industries such as Pharmaceutical, Generics, Medical Equipment, Cosmetic, Consumer Healthcare, Biotechnology, Veterinary and Functional Foods. These could be customized according to the needs of a healthcare professional. Our innovative platform also aims at helping organizations and individuals to enhance their skills, also keep up with the raising standards across the globe every day. Check out our feasible platforms which are extremely structured to obtain lucid data & information in order to enhance your professional skills.

We are committed to efficiently raising awareness on health standards and protecting public health worldwide. When it comes to such tailored platforms and services, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach. And this is what drives us to come up with such unique platforms that are customized for specific standards in the healthcare regulations worldwide.

PRA Learning Platform

This platform is specially designed to help Healthcare companies achieve a healthy balance between the need for a team of competent and well-trained personnel and meeting set quality standards. We provide trainings accredited from universities & associations from all over the world.

Individuals are not left out – we offer top-quality training tailored to specific positions and help individuals kick start their careers. Our training does not only meet global standards but also train and update participants with continuing professional development in the Healthcare sector.