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This platform is specially designed to help companies achieve a healthy balance between the need for a team of competent and well-trained personnel and meeting set quality standards by collaborating with reputed institutions and associations worldwide.

Pharmacovigilance Training

Are you Pharmacovigilance personnel with vast experience and exposure but looking to develop on practicalities and advanced practice? Then this training is for you!

Specially created for experts (as against beginners), this training will focus on, among other things, the creation and management of a strong Pharmacovigilance system within your company. The scope of the course also covers the structuring of a Pharmacovigilance and safety team and handling of AE and similar unusual situations.

You will also be introduced to different segments of signal detection and the use of RMP and PBRER to optimize benefit-risk. This training will also discuss the regulator’s expectations as per PV commitments, as well as how to prepare and plan Pharmacovigilance audits.

The Pharmacovigilance Training is for you if you are a;

• PV regulator

• Local Safety Officer

• Pharmacovigilance officers, the especially QPPV

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eCTD Training

Hands-on workshop to learn to compile, publish and validate and eCTD submission. In addition, to this, also learn how to handle eCTD attributes, the regional envelope as well as lifecycle management and hyperlinks using practical examples.

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GCC Medical Tender Training

Considering the increasing importance and demand of GCC medical tender management education, PRA Training platform has come up with a specially designed training solution that addresses most principles centering on tendering processes, categories, accounts, activities, and timelines. The training – the first of its kind in the GCC region – will highlight 1:1 business education to participants, using proven techniques and methods.

With renowned speakers from the government sector and the medical industry on the ground to offer their invaluable experience and knowledge to participants, we are confident that this two-day training will help professionals get a clearer view of the challenges, distinctions, and insights that come with Pharmaceutical tendering.

It is also an avenue to learn how to leverage your tendering skills while furthering your career and growing your team.

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